Japanese Sake & Spirits

Our sake range has been carefully selected from five of the finest brewers in Japan. Boasting well over a thousand years of sake production between them these are masters of their art. Sake is classified in several ways including the rice and yeast that are used and the geographical provenance. The defining classification, however, results from how "polished" or milled the rice grains used to make the sake are and whether or not a small amount of brewer's alcohol (distilled alcohol) has been added to pronounce characteristics of flavour and fragrance. Junmai means literally "pure rice" this denotes sake that has no additional alcohol. Daiginjo, Ginjo and Honjozu are the three distinct classifications that indicate the percentage of rice that remains after polishing.  

Top of the class is Daiginjo with a high polishing ratio that results in an exceptionally refined light and fruity taste. Ginjo is the second tier of sake, less refined than Daiginjo but still light with plenty of fruit. Both of these top tier sakes are generally drunk cold. Junmai and Honjozo are still premium sakes but here the emphasis is on bringing out the flavours of the rice, these sakes pair well with food and can be drunk at a variety of temperatures.

Within these classifications great variations exist, no two sake are equal. One of the great joys of discovering sake is appreciating these differences and that only comes with experience. Whether you are a sake sommelier or trying sake for the first time we invite you to browse the range and select the sake that appeals to you.

Umeshu is made from finest Nanko plums and combined with Junmai Daiginjo sake and Shochu. Yuzushu is made with a Shochu base and finest Kochi yuzu. The result in both cases is a rich, sweet flavour perfectly balancing the tartness of the plums and the yuzu. Both are best served chilled, over ice or with soda for a spectacularly refreshing and thirst-quenching drink.

Our Japanese spirits range comprises Shochu, Awamori and Okinawa Gin. Shochu is a distilled spirit with a typical alcohol volume of 20-25%, it can be made from several different raw materials including sweet potato, barley, rice and soba (buckwheat).  We currently offer a single distilled Barley Shochu and plan to expand this range soon.  Awamori is made from long-grain Thai rice that is inoculated with black koji rice mould, fermented and then distilled, we offer two Awamori including four day fermented and 10 year aged. Finally, we have a premium craft gin from tropical Okinawa made form an Awamori base and 10 botanicals, including the bumpy Okinawan bitter melon.