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Konishi Silver - Ginjo


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Water, rice, koji, yeast, brewer’s alcohol

Allergens: may contain gluten

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Light, delicate, refreshing; lower alcohol

A winner of Gold Medal at 2015-2017’s Fine Sake Awards, Konishi Silver is another product of intense R&D by Konishi Shuzo.

Structured more like a light wine Konishi Silver is light-bodied with lower alcohol, low acidity and a delicate fragrance resulting in a very silky and elegant Ginjo. Fragrance is a breeze of fresh, refreshing, flowers with a subtle touch of gingerbread. Gripping, inviting and extremely easy to drink; a great all-rounder at a great price and highly recommended to those new to sake.

Best enjoyed chilled, straight from the fridge.

JAPANESE NAME: Konishi Ginjo Hiyashibori

FOOD PAIRINGS: Light, simple foods; esp. meaty shellfish - oysters, crab, scallops, etc.

Master Specs

  • ABV: 13.5%
  • Polishing Rate: 60%
  • SMV: +3
  • Acidity Metre: 1.2
  • Amino Metre: 1.2
  • Rice: various sakamai

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