The Sugimoto Family have 3 generations of experience offering premium grade forest-grown shiitake, grown by their direct network of over 600 small, local farmers in the Kyushu region of Japan. All growers respect 100% natural and sustainable production methods, without the use of any pesticides or artificial chemicals.

Naturally cultivated on Sawtooth Oak logs in the forests of Kyushu, both Donko and Koshin varieties of shiitake mushrooms are organic, forest-grown and dehydrated to a moisture content of less than 9% for maximum umami impact. This special growing process gives these mushrooms a deep and unique flavour that compliments their outstanding firm texture. When rehydrated, the Glutamate Umami levels increase by 7-8 times giving them a much stronger flavour than fresh shiitake.

Rehydrate dried shiitake mushrooms by submersing in water below 10C for 6 - 24 hours. Stems should be finely chopped before use; caps are used whole or sliced. The dashi broth that is left over after soaking your shiitake has a very deep, rich flavour and makes a superb Umami-boosting ingredient in many dishes.