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38 Year Aged Soy Sauce - 55ml


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Water, soybeans, wheat, salt

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Please note: This product is packed in a facility which also handles fish, crustaceans and molluscs

Energy 136 kcal (580 kJ), Fat <0.5g of which saturates <0.1g, Carbohydrate 15g of which sugars 1g, Protein 19g, Salt 14.7g

This extremely rare and unique soy sauce has the longest maturing time on the market. Aged for 38 years in cedar barrels and crafted by Kamebishi, a manufacturer steeped in tradition, this artisanal soy sauce was produced using the same techniques as when the business began in 1753.

This is a viscous soy sauce that packs a powerful hit of umami. It offers woody and lightly toasted flavours, with floral and fruity notes of cocoa, reminiscent of the best balsamic vinegars. A marvel all on its own, this 38-year-old soy sauce adds an incredible dimension to delicate Japanese cuisine like sashimi - or even slices of ripe fruit, dark chocolate desserts or vanilla ice cream.

Made with a traditional Japanese method

Owned and run by the Okada family and operating from the same Samurai house where the business began in 1753, Kamebishi is a company steeped in tradition. The flavour and balance of this Japanese premium soy sauce rely on the exact replication of a 250-year-old method of soy sauce production.

First, whole Japanese steamed soy beans are naturally inoculated with mushiro-­koji mould. Roasted wheat is added, and this mixture is placed on straw mats to ferment. After four days the mixture is removed to cedarwood barrels where it is mixed with saltwater and aged. Kamebishi soy sauce is aged in 100-year-old wooden barrels, producing an aromatic flavour full of complexity and without any harsh salinity.

A note on Japanese soy sauce

Whereas Chinese-style soy sauces are traditionally made with 100% soya beans, Japanese-style soy sauces (also known as shoyu) are made with a mix of soy and wheat flour (usually 50/50). This produces a more sweet sauce, with a more nuanced flavour than Chinese soy sauce, which tends to have a more aggressive saltiness.

A traditional Japanese soy sauce by the likes of Kamebishi will only contain four ingredients: roasted wheat, soy beans, water and salt, without any additives. Barrel-aged soy sauce in particular has a rich umami taste thanks to the ageing process, which adds robust umami depth.

How to serve

This exceptional aged soy sauce brings another dimension to sushi and sashimi as a dipping sauce, with its delicately rich yet mellow flavour. Delicious sampled on its own, it also combines well with fresh wasabi on scallops or turbot sashimi. Also incredible with dark chocolate desserts and ripe slices of mango or pineapple. Not for cooking - use any other soy sauce!

Available in 55ml.

Store in a cool, dry place and refrigerate after opening.