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Green Ume Plum Syrup - 275ml


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Green Ume plum from Wakayama (55.5%) and Nara, beetroot candy sugar (55.5%)

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Please note: This product is packed in a facility which also handles soybeans, wheat, barley and walnuts.

Energy 293 kcal (1244 kJ), Fat 0g (trace) of which saturates 0g (trace), Carbohydrate 73g of which sugars 65g, Protein 0g (trace), Salt 0g

Typically added to still or sparkling water, this is a refreshingly fruity drink with a distinctive tartness. Ume plums are the fruit of the Japanese apricot tree. When making ume syrup, the green plums are harvested before they are ripe to create the aromatic, tangy and flowery taste. Full of minerals and vitamins, ume plums are a great addition to your diet.  

From the Japanese apricot tree

Ume is also known as Japanese plum or Chinese plum and is harvested from Japanese apricot trees around the end of May and early June, during the rainy season. The Japanese apricot tree fruits have a range of uses including making umeboshi, ume jam or ume juice.

Fresh ume has a sour taste, reminiscent of apricot or plum but there is also plenty that can be done with leftover ume, such as using it in cakes or jelly, or even turning it into a flavoursome and versatile ume syrup. Ume plum syrup or plum juice is a hearty addition to sweet and savoury options with plenty of options to explore. 

Ume syrup uses

Our top tips of how to use Green Ume Plum Syrup are:

  • Pour over ice and add still or sparkling water
  • Add to cocktails and mocktails for a refreshing drink
  • Drizzle over shaved ice
  • Use in desserts, jellies and baking
  • Incorporate in marinades, dressings & vinaigrettes
  • Pour over plain yoghurt

Available in 275 ml

Keep dry away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture