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Hakuko Sake Kasu Paste (sake lees) - 250g


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Rice (30.5%), Koji (7.6%), Water (61.9%)

For allergens, see ingredients in bold

Energy 168 kcal (703 kJ), Fat 2.1g of which saturates 1.12g, Carbohydrate 27.4g of which sugars 15.4g, Protein 9.8g, Salt <0.01g

This is the first long preservation sake lees paste. It is additive free and produced by the Morikawa sake house of Hiroshima.  The enzymes contained in the paste help to tenderize meat and whether used as a marinade, glaze, or flavour enhancer, this paste will elevate the taste of both savoury and sweet dishes.

Packed with essential nutrients and amino acids derived from sake lees, this paste not only enhances flavour but also offers health benefits and with its convenient paste form, is easy to incorporate into various recipes, making it a must-have ingredient for your kitchen.


  • Marinating meats and seafood for an irresistible umami flavor.
  • Glazing vegetables and tofu to create a delicious caramelized finish.
  • Adding depth to soups, stews, and sauces for an authentic Japanese touch.
  • Infusing desserts and baked goods with a unique and tasty twist

The paste contains a residual alcohol content of 8%.

Available in 250g

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