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Konro Grill, Table Barbecue - 31cm


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This authentic Konro Grill (also known as a Hibachi grill) is a great compact size for a picnic or dinner party.  Konro is a traditional Japanese charcoal grill made of a porous clay called Keisodo, or diatomaceous earth. This clay, formed by the fossilized remains of ancient algae accumulating at the bottom of the ocean, has around 40,000 small holes per micron. This gives the Konro grill extraordinary heat retention power, making it possible to cook with very little heat.

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Due to the exceptional thermal insulation, food is cooked quickly without extreme heat, helping capture and preserve flavours. Grills made of this material have been used since the Edo period, when they were first used as room heaters.

Dimensions: 31 x 23 x 20cm

Why choose a Japanese charcoal grill? 

These genuine Konro Grills are made by Kaginushi Kogyo. The Kaginushi family have been fishermen for generations, and since the inception of the modern company in 1932, the company has manufactured traditional bricks and tiles during the winter season. Kaginushi Kogyo eventually developed into specialists in the production of diatomaceous earth bricks, and ultimately Konro Grills. These grills are now famous for their cooking properties and can be found in the kitchens of the world’s finest chefs.

Bring the Izakaya home

Japan's Izakaya bars are famous for serving delicious grilled snacks such as Yakitori skewers, which this Konro grill is specifically designed for. The narrow shape allows skewers to be suspended over the fire, without the need for a grill grate. Alternatively, you can use the grate to cook larger items without skewers, or heat up pots and pans. This charcoal barbecue is suitable for use on the floor or at the table for diners to grill their own meat, fish or vegetables.

Why use Binchotan charcoal?

Binchotan charcoal is essential for this Konro grill to get the best cooking results. We do not recommend using poor-quality charcoal in this grill, because a lot of smoke will be produced.

Binchotan charcoal, sometimes called white charcoal, is a traditional Japanese charcoal made from hardwood - usually Japanese oak wood - that has been burned at a high temperature for many hours. It burns cleanly for a very long time, with little smoke and no flames. This means food cooked over Binchotan coals will not smell burnt, retaining its natural flavour and moisture.

Binchotan briquettes offer an excellent alternative to traditional Binchotan at a lower cost. These briquettes are made by densely compressing oak sawdust, which is then burned in traditional Binchotan kilns.

Because of its density, Binchotan charcoal can be a little difficult to light - see guide in How To Use section above.

Customer Reviews

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Daphne N. (Andover, England)

Excellent just wha I wanted. It works superbly

Thank you Daphne, so pleased to hear you're enjoying using the amazing konro grill :)


Nice grill, hard to light, grill rack needs some kind of fixation as tends to move when cooking

I’ve managed a method to keep rack on and bought a charcoal starter to make lighting easier, just more practice needed.