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Nigari sachets (coagulant for Tofu making) - 5ml


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Water (85.1%), Sodium Chloride (8.6%), Magnesium Chloride (3.6%), Magnesium Sulfate (1%), Potassium Chloride (1.7%)

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

From the same producers of the amazing Banrai Soy Milk (available here) we have the other piece of the home-made tofu puzzle. Jun-Nigari is a natural seawater derivative making it an ideal coagulant for the production of Tofu.

Available individually, in a pack or 5 & a pack of 10.

Store at room temperature, do not refrigerate.

Method for making tofu:

  1. Place the soy milk before in the refrigerator overnight to cool (this step is not essential but recommended for best results)
  2. Pour 125ml of soy milk in a 12 cm ramekin
  3. Add 5 ml of Nigari to the soy milk
  4. Mix well and place the ramekin in a bain-marie covering for steaming

For silky tofu remove after 10 minutes, if a firmer tofu is preferred double the amount of Nigari