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Shiso Gin - 50cl


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Dorset grown Shiso, Fresh Yuzu and Sudachi, Juniper, Coriander and Bay

Get some inspiration from some of our recipes that use this as an ingredient:

Made with our own Dorset-grown purple shiso, this is a delicate yet flavoursome London dry gin. It offers a balance of traditional Japanese flavours of shiso leaf and yuzu and sudachi citrus fruits, combined with traditional English botanicals of juniper, coriander and bay.

The subtle shiso flavours of basil, mint and caraway are enhanced by the sublime citrus and herbaceous notes, for a gin that is smooth, refreshing and perfectly balanced. The delicate flavours of the six botanicals are perfectly preserved by an expertly crafted distillation method, leaving an incredibly satisfying texture.

About our botanicals

Shiso leaf is a member of the mint family, with a savoury herb-like quality that is likened to basil or caraway, with a hint of citrus. We grow the purple shiso leaves on our farm in Dorset. Yuzu is a cross between a wild citrus and a sour mandarin, with complex notes of lemon, grapefruit and mandarin. Sudachi is a citrus with a lime flavour and peppery, herbal undertones. The other botanicals, juniper, coriander and bay, are a simple, more traditional collection of London dry style gin botanicals to balance with the Asian-inspired flavours.

How to enjoy shiso gin

Paired with a good quality tonic water, ice cubes and a twist of yuzu or mandarin peel, this shiso gin creates a divine G&T. You can also make a Japanese Tom Collins, with fresh yuzu juice in place of lemon, for a herbaceous, citrusy cocktail.

Abv: 40% 

We are delighted that our Shiso Gin was awarded a star rating by The Great Taste Award judges in 2023!

Here's what they had to say about it:

"This gin has plenty of intriguing aroma with promised hints of aromatic shisho and citrus. We loved the fluid flavour journey of this - with initial sweetness which then developed to a much more savoury herbal note and then on to a bright, fruity, bitter citrus."

"A hugely characterful gin, with sudachi and yuzu peel much in evidence, alongside aniseed and peppery notes. It's a touch hot on the palate, augmenting the sense of pepperiness, and very slightly astringent, which leads to a clean, citrus-noted and herbaceous finish with some length. Our tonic disturbs the desirable balance - but a citrus tonic or simply soda would work perfectly well. A pleasing sipper once served with plenty of ice to soften the heat, and truly characterful."

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