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Shudei Kyusu Teapot with Steel Tea Strainer - Terracotta - 360ml


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The Kyusu is a traditional Japanese teapot characterized by its side handle, ideal for brewing and serving Japanese tea, it provides easy handling and precise pouring.

The side handle is not just a design choice but also a functional feature, allowing for a comfortable grip and reducing the risk of spilling hot tea.

Shudei Clay

Shudei clay, also known as red clay, is a type of Japanese clay renowned for its rich iron content, it interacts with the tannins in tea to enhance the flavour. This makes Shudei teapots particularly valued for brewing green tea.

The natural colour of the Shudei clay gives the teapot a rustic and organic appearance whilst adding warmth and a touch of elegance, making it a visually appealing piece that complements a variety of settings.

Hand crafted

Each teapot is handcrafted by the artisans at Isobe Shoten, ensuring high quality and attention to detail. The handmade nature of the teapot means that each piece is unique.

The inclusion of a stainless steel tea strainer adds a modern touch to the traditional teapot, making it easier to brew loose-leaf tea without the leaves escaping into the cup.

These teapots are of a smaller size, designed to hold only one or two small cups at a time. This allows the teapot to be fully drained and the leaves used again without becoming over stewed.

The Shudei Kyusu teapot makes an excellent gift for tea enthusiasts or anyone interested in Japanese culture and craftsmanship.

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Pefect in every way and worth every penny

Thanks Mark, really good to hear these new teapots are a hit :)