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Yokka Koji Awamori


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Rich, complex, full bodied Awamori from Okinawa, Japan.

A stunning and complex Awamori from Chūkō distillery on Naha Island, Okinawa, Japan. The traditional spirit of Okinawa, Chūkō have been making Awamori since 1949.

Hints of pear, green apple and rose with a rich body, a smooth, luxurious texture and a long, involved finish.

Awamori is made from long-grain Thai rice that is inoculated with black koji rice mould, fermented and then distilled, usually in a pot still. The koji-making process usually takes two days but “Yokka Koji” means ‘four-day koji’. Additionally, normal Awamori production results in the koji turning black when it spores making it less effective at breaking down the rice, with ‘Yokka Koji’ the koji is not allowed to spore and is pristine white. Their techniques are laborious and require monitoring 24 hours a day but the rewards are worth it: a rich and layered Awamori full of umami and complexity.

43% ABV

Available in 720ml