Table Barbecue Set

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Small but perfectly formed, this barbecue is for grilling Yakitori skewers at the table. The combination of the grill’s thermal insulation properties and the long lasting, even cooking temperature of Binchotan charcoal will have your skewers sizzling for hours. Load the Bamboo skewers with your choice of meat, fish or vegetables. Think fondue but with fire!

The Shichirin Hida Konro is a traditional Japanese cooking appliances made of porous clay called Keisodo. The clay consists of the algae carcasses accumulated at the bottom of the ocean over a long period of time. It is made by hollowing out the clay, before it is baked and finished. Keisodo has around 40,000 small holes per 1 micron particle that gives the Shichirin Hida Konro extraordinary heat retention power.

Use with one of our Binchotan charcoals, do not use poor quality charcoal, you will not get the best results and a lot of smoke will be produced.

Set contains:

Hida Konro Table Barbecue - 15 x 15 cm

Binchotan Komaru charcoal LAOS - 1kg

Teppo Gushi, Bamboo Skewers (15cm)  - 250 units 

Safety Instructions:

Only use barbecue outside

Binchotan charcoal releases minimal smoke but cooking food, oil etc will release carbon monoxide which is lethal in indoor environments 

Base of the grill becomes extremely hot; it must be placed on a fireproof surface

Burning charcoal can release sparks that travel to the area surrounding the grill

Barbeques become very hot, keep out of the reach of children, handle with care, place on a surface that will not burn

Allow grill and barbecue to cool before cleaning

Grill can be washed with dish detergent

Barbecue is made of earth so should not become wet; it can be brushed clean when cool.

Never pour water in the grill, it can crack

Never move grill when hot

Transport carefully as it can crack or break if mishandled

Store in a dry, well ventilated area – avoid damp storage

Small cracks appear in the earth after use as it heats and cools – this is normal, no cause for alarm and does not affect performance



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