• Wasabi Vodka Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

Wasabi Vodka Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

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Classic Japanese flavours, combined with the purest tomato juice, make for an original and extravagant Bloody Mary. Our Wasabi Vodka is the bedrock to this cocktail, a high quality spirit distilled with plenty of fresh English wasabi to give it a bold brassica flavour and the warm, nose tingling heat of wasabi. Pure tomato juice made from vine ripened tomatoes, hand harvested on the Isle Of Wight, bring the sumptuous flavour of real tomatoes. Concentrated dashi is classic Japanese stock with the rich flavour of smoked bonito, white soy sauce adds depth and enhances all other flavours. Togarashi Shichimi spice is a blend of 7 spices, unchanged since the 17th Century, it creates a long lasting, comforting warmth from the mouth to the belly. Any fan of Bloody Marys is going to love this and we have already converted many a naysayer with the big flavours and powerful punch packed into this kit.


Wasabi Vodka 50cl

Tomato juice 2 x 250ml

Concentrated white dashi 300ml

White Soy sauce 360ml

Togarashi Shichimi 100g



50ml Wasabi Vodka

250ml Tomato juice

30ml Concentrated white dashi

30ml White Soy sauce 

Large pinch, or dusting to the rim of the glass, of Togarashi Shichimi



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