5 Refreshingly Different Christmas Tipples!

5 Refreshingly Different Christmas Tipples!

We're starting to feel the festive spirit at The Wasabi Co HQ - Are you feeling it too?

It's always great to have something a little 'out of the ordinary' to offer visitors. Or do you need a super unique gift for those 'hard to buy' for friends.

Switch up your Christmas Cocktails and After-Dinner Digestifs with the flavours of Japan!

1. Umeshu & Yuzu, Plum & Ginger Sake 

Umeshu and Sake

Our brand new range of Umeshu and flavoured sake come from traditional Japanese breweries dedicated to developing premium quality and wonderfully original drinks. Infused with yuzu, plum and ginger the flavours are complex, superbly balanced and uber refreshing.

The bespoke artwork on the bottles reflects the artisanal nature of the brewery partners. Distinctly different with stunning designs!

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2. Yuzucello


Currently the talk of the foodie world! If we say so ourselves - it's genius!

Every citrus-fan loves a good limoncello... well now we've encapsulated all that's wonderful about 'The Queen of Citrus', into our own original and stupendously refreshing liqueur, 'Yuzucello'.

This one is a real showstopper, take it to parties!

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3. Pearl - Sparkling Junmai Daiginjo

Pearl Sparkling Sake

Wine lovers are really hard to buy for! You never know what they have in their collection or even what wine they would love or loathe... Sparkling Sake is a great gift for these friends, it's completely novel, yet full of class. Perfect!

Pearl makes quite an impression when opened: the bubbles rise and gently mix the sake, turning it from clear to cloudy! Medium-light bodied with crisp green apple, pear & creamy peach flavours. It has a delicate fizz with fine bubbles and an elegant, silky texture. 

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4. Wasabi Vodka

Wasabi Vodka

Our Wasabi Vodka may have won numerous awards but it's around the table as a conversation maker where it really wins the show!

Totally unique - distilled with nothing but the pure flavour and fire of real wasabi - watch out! This craft vodka kicks! (You should have seen Alan Titchmarsh's face when it took him by surprise on ITV!)

Turn Up The Heat with The Fire of Wasabi!

5. Watercress Gin

Watercress Gin

Whether you like a gin and tonic or a martini, take them to new heights with this boutique craft gin from the Twisted Nose range. It combines British watercress with ten botanicals to create a herbaceous, fragrant spirit that is a must-try for any gin lover!

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