Ingredient Focus: Sanshō (山椒, "mountain pepper")

Ingredient Focus: Sanshō (山椒, "mountain pepper")

The Japanese proverb goes, “Sansho has small grains, but still packs a peppery punch,” meaning that even something small can be strong willed or have great power.

Sansho is a deciduous tree originating in Japan, from the same family of citrus as mandarin oranges and yuzu.

As well as the berries, the leaves "Ki-no-me”, not only have a unique aroma, they also have a beautiful colour and shape. They have been used as a staple in many Japanese dishes, such as soup and tempura.

Sansho Berries have been used in Japan to season food for thousands of years. They have a tangy citrus flavour with a warm pepper finish and an incredible tongue tingling sensation.

A natural flavour enhancer, they stimulate the taste receptors in the brain, increasing the flavour and aromas of foods in general.

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