The Ultimate Miso Soup Recipe

The Ultimate Miso Soup Recipe

A truly classic but simple Japanese recipe, our perfect miso soup uses flavours of miso, kombu and shiitake to produce a rich and tasty broth that can be adapted to suit your tastebuds. All you have to do is:

Heat 10g of kombu in 500ml water, don’t let it boil. Once it reaches 85°C let it stand for 10 mins to infuse before removing the kombu (which can be re-used!)

Thinly slice a few re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms, a spring onion and any other flavours you wish to include – tofu is very popular, for example, but you can also add meat and noodles for a more substantial meal. Add these to the broth.

Return the soup to heat and simmer gently before adding 1tbsp miso paste to the pot.

Finish with any extra flavour! Remember, miso is already salty, so best to avoid adding any more but a good pinch of togarashi shichimi is our favourite way to finish a miso soup!

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