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Ginger Drinking Vinegar – 270ml


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Apple cider vinegar (30%), Beet granulated sugar (30%), Ground ginger (25%), Lemon juice, Honey (5%), Vitamin C (0.5%)

For allergens, see ingredients in bold

Energy 181 kcal (757 kJ), Total Fat 0.2g of which saturates 0g, Carbohydrate 44.5g of which sugars 33.4g, Protein 0.1g, Salt 0.03g

This incredible ginger drinking vinegar from the Japanese producer Sennari has an invigorating blend of sweet and tangy flavours, but it's not just about the taste; ginger drinking vinegar offers an array of health benefits that make it a remarkable addition to your daily routine.

Ginger, renowned for its medicinal properties, is a natural powerhouse known to support digestion, soothe the stomach, and promote overall well-being.

Available in 270ml

Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.