Sophisticated Soft Drinks to Quench Your Thirst

Sophisticated Soft Drinks to Quench Your Thirst

Japanese flavours of yuzu, ume and cherry blossom are perfect to compliment your summer drinks. Light and aromatic with just a hint of sweetness, they taste wonderful when incorporated in soft drinks and cocktails alike.

Not only can you get these flavours in syrups, but also drinking vinegars which have been enjoyed in Japan for centuries. Traditionally they were consumed for their health benefits, but today they are also an excellent way to incorporate exciting flavours in to your beverages.

Not sure where to start?

Here’s our guide to the ultimate thirst-quenching Japanese drinks:

Fruity Flavoured Syrups

The perfect way to add punchy flavour, these stunning syrups can be enjoyed year-round in just about any drink you can think of! Whether you prefer a cocktail or mocktail, a dash of syrup will bring them to life. They can also be enjoyed over shaved ice, ice cream desserts and the Yuzu Syrup makes a fantastic addition to salad dressings.

Yuzu Lemonade

A game-changing soft drink! A simple recipe, using honey-infused carbonated water and Kito Yuzu juice, this is the ultimate refreshing Japanese drink with all the zesty floral flavour of fresh Yuzu. Simply pour over ice, put your feet up and enjoy.

Elegant Drinking Vinegars

Drinking vinegars are an ancient tradition in Japan. What started as a daily shot to improve overall health has now evolved into a true delicacy, incorporating traditional Japanese flavours to create a truly pleasurable drinking experience. For the ultimate sophisticated soft drink, simply dilute with still or sparkling water and pour over ice. So simple and yet so deliciously refreshing!

If you prefer something a little stronger...

try our Yuzucello

Inspired by Limoncello, this delightfully tart liqueur can certainly be enjoyed alone as a digestif, however it also makes the most fantastically fruity summer drinks. For a quick and easy long drink try it over ice with sparkling water, or if cocktails are more your thing, add it to a mojito for an extra citrus zing.

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