Wasabi Cocktail by Glass Of Bubbly

Wasabi Cocktail by Glass Of Bubbly

Our friends and sparkling cocktail geniuses over at Glass Of Bubbly have come up with this fiery and delicious Wasabi Cocktail! 


100ml Sparkling Wine

15ml Vodka

A sachet of Ginger

Freshly grated Wasabi


Mix the sparkling wine, vodka & ginger

Spread the wasabi around the rim on the glass

Serve & enjoy!

Tasting Notes

Aroma – Butter, melted butter, melting butter, with creamy ginger and yellow fruits on the aroma.

Flavour – Sweet and dangerous, a smoothing touch of ginger, butter and yellow fruits initially, then the wasabi from the rim comes into play, livening up the palate with some heat and spicing up the ginger.

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