Citrus Tree Restock! Just In Time For Christmas

Citrus Tree Restock! Just In Time For Christmas

If you’re on the hunt for a great gift and you know they love yuzu, we’ve got a huge range of incredible products that will fit the bill! If they enjoy citrus and you’re looking for a way to get them hooked on yuzu – look no further!

Hardy Yuzu Trees

Buy hardy yuzu trees online, the queen of Japanese citrus to grow your own at home

For keen gardeners, a Yuzu Tree could be the ultimate gift this Christmas. This prized Japanese citrus can be grown indoors or out. Beautifully scented blossoms arrive in Spring and gorgeous green fruits ripen to yellow in Winter. Not only will it be a joy for them to nurture a citrus tree, but the fruits are juicy, aromatic and delicious too!

Hardy Meyer Lemon Trees

Find hardy meyer lemon trees online, a great gift for the gardener or those who like to grow their own

A wonderful option for home or garden, these trees are easy to care for making them a great gift for novice citrus growers! The trees are hardy and produce unique fruit which are small and round; the flavour is a delicious blend of Lemon & Mandarin – perfect in a G&T!

Hardy Sudachi Trees

Find Japanese sudachi trees available to buy online, perfect gift to grow your own at home
For something a little different, why not try a sudachi tree? Grafting onto specially selected rootstock (Flying dragon – Poncirus trifoliata), allows them to produce fantastic fruit in the UK, these deciduous trees are hardy down to -15°C once the tree is well established. With a dwarfing rootstock, the tree can reach heights of 2.5m in optimum conditions.

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