Veganuary The Japanese Way

Veganuary The Japanese Way

Whatever reason you might have for eating Vegan this January, whether it’s a lifestyle for you or you’re trying it for the very first time, we have some super products to help you on the way!

We believe there’s no need for vegan products to fall short of delivering excellent quality and flavour and, as much of Japanese cuisine is naturally vegan, there are some outstanding products available to help you achieve top marks on both fronts.

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Vegan Condiments


Our award-winning condiment range couldn’t be complete without a vegan option; that’s why we created this set of 3 Vegan Mayos. Each flavoured with Wasabi, Yuzu or Miso they are packed with flavour and maintain that creamy mayonnaise consistency.

Soy Sauce


While not all soy sauce is created vegan, our Organic Soy is! With rich flavour from the organic soy beans, the perfectly balanced flavour of this soy sauce can enhance any number of dishes. If you prefer a Tamari soy sauce, which is naturally vegan and gluten free, we have the perfect bottle for you, too!



Rich, umami flavour can be found in this quintessential Japanese ingredient and we have sourced some of the finest quality vegan dashi stock. Traditionally made using fish, our vegan dashi achieve that famously deep flavour by using a combination of soy beans, seaweed and mushrooms.

Yuzu Kosho


Made with a simple list of ingredients – usually chilli peppers, citrus peel and salt – these naturally vegan condiments are a quick way to add punchy flavour to many dishes! A little goes a long way, but they make fantastic additions to canapes, soups, dipping sauces and sushi.

Easy Vegan Cooking


Tim Anderson’s book Vegan JapanEasy is a masterclass in Japanese cuisine done the vegan way. While many dishes are already vegan by their very nature, Tim has created many that adapt simple and traditional Japanese recipes to suit the vegan lifestyle. It’s a must-read for any vegan foodies with a passion for Japanese food!

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