5 Ingredients To Transform Your Bank Holiday Banquet

5 Ingredients To Transform Your Bank Holiday Banquet

It looks like the sun has finally come to stay, and just in time for next week’s Bank Holiday! If you’ve been saving your BBQ or garden party for a sunny weekend and want to be the host with the most, look no further. We’ve got 5 quintessential Japanese ingredients that will level up your Bank Holiday feast and wow your guests.

Organic Tonkatsu Sauce


Scrap your go-to bottle of BBQ sauce, this Tonkatsu is packed with sweetness, saltiness and umami and makes the perfect companion to anything grilled. Likened to a cross between ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, its ingredients include soy sauce, tomato, onion, carrot, apple, garlic and ginger. It can be used straight out of the bottle as a marinade or dip, or used in a stock or sauce for a richer flavour.

Fresh Yuzu Juice


Salad season is well and truly upon us, and whether you prefer a complex salad dressing or just a drizzle of olive oil, any salad can be brought to life with a little acidity. Before you reach for the lemon juice, why not try fresh yuzu juice instead?! It’s zesty, fruity flavour makes it a dream on salads, especially with fresh flavours like cucumber and mint. It’s also superb in drinks and desserts!



A classic ponzu made with five different Japanese citrus fruits: yuzu, daidai, yuko, kabuso and sudachi. This richly flavoured ponzu is filled with umami depth and is the perfect thing to use as a marinade for BBQ meats, in a salad dressing or for making in to a dip. Its citrus zing is balanced by the sweetness of plum and amakaze.

White Miso


The ultimate all-rounder, miso can be used almost at any stage of your cooking! Whether you want something to marinade in, cook with, make into a sauce or dressing, miso packs the ultimate umami punch. It works exceptionally well with chicken dishes, roasted or on the grill. While there are many different kinds of miso, red being the strongest, white miso paste is the most versatile. You can even use it to bring salty depths to desserts!

Red Shiso Syrup


A deliciously drinkable ingredient, red shiso syrup is a fantastic way to add flavour to any cocktail, mocktail or for sipping with soda water! Rich with sweet, herbaceous shiso flavour, this would mix well with something bubbly and even makes for an exciting twist when drizzled over ice cream.

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