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Choose a rhizome size to match your dinner plans. Our fresh wasabi is grown in natural, mineral rich water on our Dorset and Hampshire farms. The prized rhizomes take at least 18 months to reach harvest. Fine grating breaks down the wasabi at a cellular level instigating an enzyme reaction that delivers an aromatic, fresh flavoured pungency with a natural sweetness.

Fresh wasabi is classically paired with sushi and sashimi. Versatile in the extreme fresh wasabi can also flavour dressings, butters, sauces, ceviches, gravadlax, sorbets, foams and freshly grated will accompany meat or fish.

Wasabi is a natural product and weight can vary, we will always carefully select a rhizome to match or exceed your chosen product.

Fresh wasabi should be stored in the fridge – see details here

Wasabi will not grow well from rhizomes, please purchase wasabi plants if you are keen to grow your own.

Fresh product orders are sent Mon-Thurs. Next Day options are available for orders placed by 12pm.

We deliver to EU destinations on a 1-2 day courier service (see More info). For other destinations please email.

We recommend you have your order delivered to a destination where somebody will be present to receive it.

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50g will serve 4 with sushi

We recommend that 50g of fresh wasabi will serve 4 people with sushi. More info

Remember there are plenty of ways to use fresh wasabi so don't be shy! Check out some suggestions Cooking with wasabi

Rhizomes will store well for two weeks in the plastic bag they were sent in. Keep the bag in the fridge unsealed. Rinse in cold water every 1-2 days for maximum shelf life.

If you want to freeze leftover wasabi, grate it to a paste, wrap in cling film and freeze immediately. When you are ready to use, allow it to de-frost, mix and serve. Whole rhizomes do not freeze well as they lose flavour and pungency.

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Bloody Mary

Try something different from the traditional bloody Mary by seasoning with Black garlic salt, Tashibori yuzu, and White soy sauce.  Finish with Wasabi leaf and fresh-grated Wasabi for a modern twist on a classic with great depth of flavour. 

See image 3, left

Japanese Sharing Platter​

Tempura wasabi leaf, grilled prawns, and sliced ribeye steak, served with wasabi mayonnaise, three year old soy sauce, and Champonzu Sauce for dipping.  Use a combination of fresh wasabi and wasabi oil to give the mayonnaise a good kick.

​See image 4, left

Watercress and Pea Soup with Wasabi Foam

Simmer rice wine vinegar with lemongrass and coriander, then cool and add egg white and plenty of freshly grated wasabi.  Blitz with a stick blender to create a foam then serve immediately.  Perfect for topping a soup or adding a touch of class to a variety of dishes.

​See image 5, left

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