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Umami-so Seasoning Set


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It took five years of meticulous research and development to perfect these seasonings and refine the balance of ingredients to create a concentrated seasoning that delivers a robust umami punch.

Umami-so miso stands out as one of the first completely natural umami powder concentrates available. These blends are crafted from miso made with barley and soy, combined with salt, without any artificial additives such as colouring, flavour enhancers, preservatives or chemicals. This ensures a pure, authentic flavour.

We've bundled them all together in a full set of four for you to enjoy at home.

Umami-so Miso Seasoning - 70g

Umami-so Miso is a remarkable seasoning that contains the rich umami of barley and soy miso within a handy, easy to use powder.  Miso has been a fundamental ingredient in Japanese cooking for centuries.

It is traditionally used in soups, marinades, and sauces, contributing a rich, savoury flavour profile that is both complex and comforting. The powder form is a modern adaptation that caters to contemporary cooking needs, offering convenience without sacrificing flavour.

Umami-so Miso Seasoning with Sesame - 70g

Umami-so Sesame is a remarkable seasoning that combines the rich umami of barley and soy miso with the nutty, aromatic qualities of roasted sesame.  This blend is characterised by the distinctive, nutty flavour of roasted sesame.

This adds a warm, toasted note that complements the umami-rich miso base and provides a rich and aromatic quality, adding depth and a subtle crunch to dishes, enhancing both taste and texture.

Umami-so Miso Seasoning with Yuzu - 70g

Umami-so Yuzu is a sophisticated and versatile seasoning that combines the deep, savoury flavours of miso with the bright, refreshing notes of yuzu.

The yuzu used in Umami-so Yuzu comes from Miyazaki, a region in Japan renowned for its high-quality yuzu, it offers tart, aromatic and slightly floral citrus notes that complement the umami-rich miso.

Umami-so Powder with Ume & Yuzu - 90g

Umami-so Ume Plum and Yuzu is a unique and sophisticated seasoning blend that combines the savoury depth of natural umami with the bright, acidic notes of yuzu and the tart complexity of ume plum.

Yuzu, a citrus fruit native to Japan, offers a tart, aromatic, and slightly floral flavor. The yuzu used in this blend comes from Miyazaki, known for producing some of the finest yuzu in the world. This adds a refreshing and complex citrus note to the seasoning.

Ume plum is a Japanese fruit known for its tartness and complex flavor profile, which includes both sour and slightly sweet notes. It adds a distinctive tangy depth to the seasoning.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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