BBQ Japanese Style: Make the Most of Your Konro Grill

BBQ Japanese Style: Make the Most of Your Konro Grill

For the most exciting (and delicious) way to BBQ, get ready for the summer with our Japanese Konro grills!

Made with diatomaceous clay, our Konro grills have superior heat insulation properties. They're designed with yakitori (charcoal grilled chicken skewers) in mind, with their narrow shape making them perfect for small spaces.

A Konro or hibachi grill is truly the tastiest method of barbecuing. A crispy outer layer with perfectly tender, moist meat inside is guaranteed every time!

how to cook on a konro grill japanese bbq

Why should I get a Konro grill?

Konro grills, with their distinct method of cooking, bring out the essence of Japanese BBQ.

These small, efficient grills, whether it's the highly portable small Konro grill, the slightly larger kasai Konro grill, or the traditional ceramic fire boxes, concentrate heat to cook meats and vegetables with precision. Perfect for spaces ranging from tiny patios to expansive gardens, a konro grill can elevate your outdoor dining experience.

Paired with accessories like cheap electric hot plates for simmering sauces and a small room heater to keep guests comfortable, the Konro setup becomes even more versatile. Whether it’s cooking wagyu to perfection, achieving the ideal char on a simple charcoal grill, or exploring the gourmet possibilities of sous vide cooked food before finishing them off on the grill, the Konro grill stands out as a centrepiece in outdoor cooking.

Which charcoal is best?

Whilst many decent quality lump charcoal brands will be acceptable, our Binchotan charcoal is exceptional in a Konro.

It burns at a low temperature for a long time with very little smoke, meaning the flavour of your food is perfectly preserved.

Made using traditional methods from dense hardwood, binchotan can be reused after being extinguished safely and allowed to dry.

Using your konro at home

Using a Konro grill at home elevates your barbecue experience to new heights, allowing you to enjoy authentic Japanese grilling in your own backyard.

Its compact size makes it perfect for any outdoor space, while the high heat it produces is ideal for grilling meats and vegetables quickly, locking in flavours and creating crisp, caramelised skins.

Remember to set up your grill on a heat-resistant surface, and always ensure it’s attended while in use to maximise safety and enjoyment. With a little practice, you’ll be grilling like a pro!

What to cook on your konro japanese bbq grill


Izakaya, the Japanese equivalent of a pub or tavern, offers a unique dining experience that combines leisurely drinking with a wide array of small, flavourful dishes designed to be shared among friends.

Combining the convivial spirit of an izakaya with the culinary delights of Japanese BBQ at home creates an unparalleled dining experience, transforming your garden or patio into a fun social hub.

To recreate this vibe, focus on preparing a variety of shareable grilled dishes that are hallmark to izakaya menus, such as small plates of edamame, yakitori skewers, and even simple sashimi, if you're feeling adventurous. These can easily be cooked on your Konro grill.

To pair each dish with a selection of Japanese beverages, we'd recommend offering an assortment of sake, shochu, and Japanese beers.

What to cook on your Konro grill


Wagyu beef, renowned for its rich marbling and melt-in-your-mouth texture, finds a perfect match with the Konro grill.

The intense, yet controlled heat of the Konro ensures that every slice of Wagyu is seared to perfection, enhancing its natural flavours and tender texture. Grilling Wagyu on a Konro not only pays homage to the traditional Japanese method of preparing this exquisite meat but also elevates the entire grilling experience, making each bite a luxurious indulgence.

Vegan Japanese BBQ

Veganising a Japanese BBQ is both an enjoyable challenge and a delicious way to explore plant-based alternatives. Swap traditional meats with grilled vegetables like aubergine, courgette, and bell peppers, or use tofu and tempeh marinated in classic Japanese sauces for a protein-packed option.

Mushroom varieties such as shiitake and king oyster also provide a meaty texture that's perfect for skewering. Don't forget to include sweetcorn and asparagus, which gain an incredible flavour once charred.

With these substitutions and the proper marinades, you can create a vegan BBQ feast that's as rich in taste and variety as any traditional Japanese grill.

Something on the side?

You might need a little something to sauce up your BBQ food, so we’ve collated some of our favourite sauces, marinades and dips to help you on your way to become a Japanese grill master:

Vegetarian cooking on japanese bbq with a konro grill


Add a kick and some smoke to your sauces.

Try out the citrussy spice of Kito Yuzu Chilli Sauce, turn up the heat with a typical Ra-Yu with its hints of cinnamon, sesame & garlic, then create layers with our own Smoked Soy Sauce.


What's a great barbecue without some inspired dips to bring out the flavours of the grill?

Choose from two Tonkatsu sauces, the ever reliable classic Champonzu from Marusho and the very special fresh Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce.

Master your marinade

Marinades are crucial in Japanese BBQ, not only for adding depth and layers of flavour but also for tenderising the meat, allowing it to soak up all the savoury, sweet, and umami-rich profiles unique to Japanese cuisine.

Authentic Japanese marinades often include ingredients like mirin, a sweet rice wine that adds a subtle sweetness, sake, which helps in tenderising the meat, miso paste for a rich umami kick, and a touch of ginger and garlic to bring all the flavours together.

To create marinades with even more depth, splash in some Kamebishi 2 Year Aged Soy Sauce, add a slosh of Marusho's Kumano No Su rice vinegar and a dash of hand squeezed fresh Yuzu Juice from Kito.


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