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Vegan Dashi - 200ml


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Soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), Mirin (water, rice, glucose, alcohol), ume plum liquor, sugar, salt, yam, Japanese white radish, dried kelp extract, dried Shiitake mushroom extract, pickled ume plum, yeast extract, starch syrup (corn), carrot, burdock, chinese cabbage, potato, pumpkin, alcohol, water.

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Energy 80 kcal (335 kJ), Fat 0g of which saturates 0g, Carbohydrate 10.7g of which sugars 7.2g, Protein 2.9g, Salt 8.3g

A balanced and nuanced dashi stock made with all vegan ingredients. Light coloured soy sauce, kombu (kelp) and shiitake mushrooms bring rich umami flavours; mirin and ume plum deliver sweetness and fruit. These flavors are all perfectly balanced with six vegetables: daikon, carrot, burdock, Chinese cabbage, potato and pumpkin.

A fantastic stock to get your vegan dishes underway and an excellent addition to sauces when you are seeking a little more umami and depth of flavour.

This product has a Best Before Date of 28/02/2024.

Japan has a long tradition of eating vegan and vegetarian foods, Shojin Riyori is the traditional vegetarian dining style of Buddhist monks that dates back centuries. It is no wonder then that Japan has so many ingredients and dishes that boast complexity and umami created solely from vegan ingredients.  

Kamada Soy have been making soy sauce and developing soy-based sauces since 1789. This vegan dashi is a classic of their range.

Available in 200ml

Keep dry away from heat, light and moisture. Refrigerate once opened