The Wasabi Company - all about us!

The Wasabi Company - all about us!

Who we are

Welcome to The Wasabi Company. We're a family-run business with farms in Dorset and Hampshire, specialising in growing and supplying fine Japanese ingredients. We were the first in Europe to successfully cultivate wasabi - and now we supply all kinds of wasabi products to top chefs, retailers and home cooks alike.

Alongside wasabi, we grow a wide range of other Japanese ingredients for online purchase - or you can buy plants to cultivate them at home. You could grow wasabi, citrus trees (such as yuzu), shiso herb, sansho pepper, edamame beans and more - all in your back garden. Our plants and produce are subject to seasonal availability, but we also import high-quality Japanese products that can be purchased year-round.

As well as growing Japanese food ingredients, we have also developed a wide range of award-winning condiments, drinks and seasonings for making Japanese dishes at home. We are thrilled to have won 24 Gold Stars across twelve products we entered in the Great Taste Awards in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.. Our Wasabi Mustard, Sanbaizu, and Vegan Sudachi Kombu Ponzu were given the coveted award of 3 Gold Stars.

Where it all began

Believe it or not, the Wasabi Company started out as a watercress farm. Since the 1850s, watercress has been grown in our Dorset and Hampshire sites - but it wasn't until a chef visited us in 2010 that we thought of switching things up. When he saw our farm, he remarked how the only other crop he had seen growing in similar conditions was wasabi in Japan. That was enough to plant the seed.

We began looking into what it might take to grow wasabi in the UK. We came across many warnings about how difficult it is - in fact, wasabi had never been successfully cultivated in Europe. But luckily for us, watercress and wasabi share a lot of similarities in the conditions they require.

It still took two years and a huge amount of trial and error to bring our first wasabi crop to maturity. Word quickly spread, and our wasabi now reaches many of the top chefs in the UK and Europe. It is prized by sushi chefs serving fresh wasabi with traditional japanese food, as well as those incorporating wasabi into their own style of cooking. When they are available, the wasabi flowers, leaves and stems are all snapped up inspire different culinary creations.

Our products


Fresh produce

The fresh produce grown in our Dorset and Hampshire farms can be purchased online for delivery direct to your door. Subject to seasonal availability, we offer fresh wasabi rhizomes in various sizes, wasabi leaves and wasabi flowers. Other produce includes yuzu fruit, juicy fresh ginger and fresh watercress.



We offer a wide range of plants for you to grow ingredients for Japanese cooking at home. These include wasabi, citrus trees (such as yuzu), shiso herb, sansho pepper, edamame beans, Japanese squash and more.


Ingredients for Japanese cuisine

From wasabi powder and sushi rice to seaweeds and soba noodles, our online store contains a whole host of high-quality ingredients for creating Japanese dishes at home. Make a miso soup with dashi broth and miso; season raw fish or make ramen noodles with the finest soy sauce; season your steamed rice with furikake. Our offering includes ingredients we've developed ourselves, as well as top-quality Japanese imports from suppliers steeped in history.


Condiments made by us

Take your meals to another level with our unique award-winning condiments, all made using 100% natural ingredients. Our Wasabi Mustard, Wasabi Mayonnaise and Wasabi Tartare Sauce are all made using our very own farm-grown wasabi, and are a surefire way to bring a balanced heat to all kinds of foods - from a Japanese deep fried pork cutlet, to canapes or fish and chips.

We also make yuzu condiments, premium sesame oil, soy sauces (including smoked soy sauce) and vegan versions of our mayonnaise. Browse the full Wasabi Label range here.


Sake and spirits

In collaboration with English Spirit - one of England’s original artisan distillers - we have created a small range of spirits that bring Japanese flavours like never before. The collection includes our Wasabi Vodka, Shiso Gin, Sansho Spiced Rum and Yuzucello. Alongside these creations, we also offer a spectacular range of Japanese sakes and spirits.



Our kitchenware range is full of equipment to make the perfect Japanese meal at home - from wasabi graters to Japanese-style Konro grills - complete with binchotan coal. We also stock authentic Japanese ceramics, chopsticks, cups and more.


Japanese gift ideas for foodies

Know someone passionate about Japanese cuisine? Give the gift of real wasabi with a fresh wasabi starter pack, complete with a grater and brush. Or how about a gift set of Japanese-inspired condiments, a kit to make the perfect sushi, udon noodles or wasabi vodka Bloody Mary? Rest assured you're buying authentic, top-quality ingredients - browse our full gifts and kits collection here.

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